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AABRI currently publishes 12 peer-reviewed academic journals and hosts academic conferences to support the research and publication needs of faculty in the business, education, and criminal justice fields. AABRI journals accept submissions in education, ethics, technology, instructional pedagogies, criminal justice, economics and all business fields. Click on the Journals link in the menu on the left to see which of our journals serves your publication needs.

AABRI International Conferences - Call for Papers
Savannah, Georgia - March 26 - 28, 2015 Forsyth Park fountain, Savannah

Location - Inn at Ellis Square
Registration Deadline - March 1, 2015
Registration has ended. Limited late registration on a space available basis
Savannah Conference Information
Conference Registration

Las Vegas, Nevada - October 8 - 10, 2015 Harrah's Seahorse View

Location - Harrah's Resort and Casino
Early Registration Discount through June 6, 2015
Registration Deadline - September 11, 2015
Las Vegas Conference Information
Conference Registration

Orlando, Florida - January 7 - 9, 2016 Disney Castle

Location - Embassy Suites Jamica Drive
Early Registration Discount through Sept 6, 2015
Registration Deadline - December 6, 2014
Orlando Conference Information
Conference Registration

AABRI Mission -
The mission of the Academic and Business Research Institute (AABRI) is to provide a quality research publication venue for academic authors from colleges and universities whose primary focus is teaching. AABRI editorial staff and reviewers will work with authors to develop and improve submissions providing constructive commentary and evaluation to improve the submission and the author's writing capabilities.

A Message from the Publisher -
We at AABRI recognize that many universities use Cabell's as a standard for publication acceptance towards academic qualifications requirements. All AABRI journals were in the Cabell's directory since they were first published until a few weeks ago.

In December 2014, Cabellís launched a reevaluation initiative whereby journals appearing in the Directories are being examined according to new, more stringent criteria on a rotating basis throughout the year. All journals are being removed from the database (without notice and prior to reevaluation) as Cabellís undergoes this reevaluation process. The initial application of this initiative affected primarily online, for-profit journal publishers including AABRI journals and hundreds of others. Each journalís editor or publisher is being asked to complete a new Application for Inclusion. Cabell's Journal Admissions Department will verify that all journals reapplying for inclusion meet the revised criteria. According to Cabell's, this comprehensive reevaluation process is expected to be completed by the end of 2015. AABRI is currently evaluating our policies and procedures against the new Cabell's requirements to determine what changes, if any, are necessary to conform to the new requirements. Once this is completed, we will be resubmitting the Application for Inclusion for each of our journals.

While it is unfortunate that Cabell's chose to remove journals from the list prior to reevaluation, we are encouraged by their efforts standardize and enhance their listing requirements. AABRI will work with Cabell's to ensure relisting of our journals.

Dr. Russell Baker  

Executive Director

AABRI is a privately-owned, for-profit publishing corporation incorporated and operating in the state of Florida, United States of America. AABRI is not affiliated with any other organization or university.
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