AABRI Journal Submission Procedures
To better serve our authors, the editorial staff of AABRI has simplified journal submission procedures to make it easier and faster for you to submit a manuscript for journal publication review. All authors agree to the AABRI Authorizition and Originality Certification (below) when submitting. Please review the following submission procedures:

  • Download a copy of the revised and simplified Submission Formatting Guidelines.

  • Review your manuscript to make sure it complies with the guidelines

  • Click on the Secure Payment Page link to process the submission charge. Manuscripts are not reviewed until manuscript submission charge is received. (The publication service charge is not to be paid unless and until manuscripts are accepted). AABRI accepts major credit cards and PayPal payments. Submissin and service charges may be paid through PayPal's secure online portal.

  • You will receive an email receipt from PayPal immediately and an email notification from AABRI when your payment is recorded.

  • Click on the AABRI Journal Manuscript Submission Form and complete the form to submit your manuscript.
  • You may choose to attach your manuscript to an email and send it to editorial.staff@aabri.com. Please make sure to include the PayPal receipt number in your email.

  • If you wish to pay by check, please make checks payable to AABRI and mail them to:

    Academic and Business Research Institute
    P.O. Box 350997 Jacksonville, Florida 32235-0997.

    Manuscript review/publication commences upon check receipt and clearance. NOTE: Federal Express, UPS, and DHL do not deliver to post office boxes. Please see the Contact Us webpage for shipping instructions to use one of these services.

  • AABRI is a for-profit publishing corporation incorporated and operating in the state of Florida, United States of America. All revenues are generated from author charges. See the Publication Charges webpage for the complete charge structure. Not all institutions recognize publications in for-profit or author-pays journals for tenure and promotion. Please check with your institution prior to submission.

  • Authors are strongly suggested to review their manuscripts through Turnitin.com, iThenticate or another similar originality detection software prior to submission. Please see the Plagiarism section on the Publication Policy page.

  • Review the following AABRI Authorization and Originality Certification.

AABRI Authorizition and Originality Certification

Author(s) certify that the submitted manuscript is their own original work that has not been previously published in whole or part in an academic journal or other copyrighted material. Authors certify that the submitted manuscript is not currently being reviewed for publication consideration by another journal or other copyrighted material. Author(s) agree not to submit the manuscript to another journal or other copyrighted material until such time that the manuscript is rejected by an AABRI journal or until the Author(s) notify in writing (email acceptable) the withdrawal of the manuscript from AABRI-journal publication consideration. Author(s) agree to and accept all the terms and conditions published herein including the AABRI Publishing Policies and the AABRI Submission Guidelines. Upon acceptance of the manuscript for publication, the author(s) grants in perpetuity to the Academic and Business Research Institute (AABRI) the exclusive right to journal-publish this manuscript at its discretion in an AABRI journal or website, or any hosting site or database (i.e.- ERIC, EbscoHost, ProQuest, etc.). Authors retain copyright of the manuscript and are free to use it for all other purposes at their discretion without consulting AABRI.
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